FagronLab RVC-1
FagronLab RVC-1

•  Professional robot vacuum cleaner for Labs and Health Care Establishments
•  Repeatable cleaning mode to guarantee total coverage of laboratory surface and compliance with cleaning SOPs
•  UV sterilization function
•  Intelligent dust detecting system and mopping function with liquid detergents
•  Scheduled cleaning function
•  Led display with touch panel
•  Extended battery capacity. Vacuuming duration 90 mins
•  Auto return to base and charging function
•  HEPA filter technology, washable bin
•  Remote control for guided cleaning
•  Vacuum sunction power automatically adjusted to surface and 4 different cleaning modes according to the needs of user (spot, zig-zag, edge and scheduled)
•  Loud notifications to inform users about program completion or errors
•  Package Size (WxDXH) 513x412x158mm
•  Product Size (DxH) 340x85mm
•  Gross Weight 5kg

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FagronLab UVCI-80
FagronLab UVGI-80

It is suitable for dynamic indoor air disinfection in hospitals, medical examination cabinets, pharmacies, waiting rooms, and pharmaceutical factories.

•  Illuminated boat switch, one button to turn on and off
•  Manual controlled disinfection operation
•  Using quick disassembly shell, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance, and circulating air with silent fan
•  Using long-life, C-band (wavelength 253.7nm) ozone-free ultraviolet improves microbial air safety against viruses, bacterias and fungi
•  Silent swivel casters, easy to move
•  It adopts the unique structure of side air inlet and air outlet in the front, which reduces the reserved space and can be placed against the wall

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