Flavours and Oils

Fagron provides pharmacists with flavours for increased palatability and oils for compounding of medicines, scents and nutritional use.

Contact us if you require assistance selecting the right Fagron flavours and oils.

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Almond Oil Sweet, 3.8L

Almond Oil Sweet, 3.8L »

Product Code: 805051


Anise Oil Natural, 30ml

Anise Oil Natural, 30ml »

Product Code: 900004

Unit: EA

Apple Flavour, 120ml

Apple Flavour, 120ml »

Product Code: 900005

Unit: EA

Apple Flavour, 30ml

Apple Flavour, 30ml »

Product Code: 900007

Unit: EA

Apple Flavour, 480ml

Apple Flavour, 480ml »

Product Code: 900006

Unit: EA

Butterscotch Flavour, 120ml

Butterscotch Flavour, 120ml »

Product Code: 900010

Unit: EA

Caramel Flavour, 120ml

Caramel Flavour, 120ml »

Product Code: 900013


Caramel Flavour, 30ml

Caramel Flavour, 30ml »

Product Code: 900015


Caramel Flavour, 480ml

Caramel Flavour, 480ml »

Product Code: 900014


Chocolate Flavour, 30ml

Chocolate Flavour, 30ml »

Product Code: 900018

Unit: EA

Creme De Menthe, 120ml

Creme De Menthe, 120ml »

Product Code: 900019


Creme De Menthe, 30ml

Creme De Menthe, 30ml »

Product Code: 900021


Creme De Menthe, 480ml

Creme De Menthe, 480ml »

Product Code: 900020


Grape Flavour, 120ml

Grape Flavour, 120ml »

Product Code: 900022

Unit: EA

Grape Flavour, 30ml

Grape Flavour, 30ml »

Product Code: 900024

Unit: EA

Grape Flavour, 480ml

Grape Flavour, 480ml »

Product Code: 900023

Unit: EA

Lemon Oil Natural, 120ml

Lemon Oil Natural, 120ml »

Product Code: 900025

Unit: EA

Lemonade Flavour, 30ml

Lemonade Flavour, 30ml »

Product Code: 900056


Lime Oil Natural, 30ml

Lime Oil Natural, 30ml »

Product Code: 900030


Mineral Oil Light

Mineral Oil Light »

Product Code: 106779

Unit: EA

Olive Oil

Olive Oil »

Product Code: 100834

Unit: EA

65 items | Page:
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